Serrano Ham & Iberico Ham


Serrano Ham, to make a good ham the quality of the raw material, slow air-drying and the use little salt are essential. Respecting these principles, our ham Legado de Liedos is the smallest and less fatty ham we produce in Monte Nevado. Therefore it needs less curing time: a minimum of 12 months for the smaller ones but an average of over 15 months.

MN30001 Serrano Ham, Bone-In, Aged 18 months, Approx. 17 Lb
MN30002 Serrano Ham, Bone-Less, Aged 12 months, Approx. 13 Lb

The Iberico ham Monte Nevado comes from animals that are fed with grass and natural feed. The hams air-dry very slowly in the fresh mountain air until each piece reaches the ideal time. More than two years for the hams and more than 18 months for the sholders.

MN20002 Iberico Ham, Bone-Less, Aged 24 months, Approx. 9 Lb
MN20001 Iberico Ham, Bone-In, Aged 18 months, Approx. 18 Lb


These specialties are hand crafted using the latest technology and then hand selected to assure consistent quality, a key characteristic of Redondo Iglesias products.

 RE29005 Preslice Serrano Ham, Aged 12 months, 3oz